3D Visualization of Crystal Bonding Structure




This series of work involves generating complex fractal images based on detailed analysis of crystals’ chemical structure. By collecting data such as the distance between each element, angle of the chemical bonding and molecular mass of the crystalline structure, I then transform and abstract the data into fractals through constructing a series of equations and formulas. Fractals share the same complexity as crystals and the whole process of generation mimics the formation and growth of crystals by repetitions of unit geometric pattern.



This series of work initiated with my fascination of crystals and fractals. There is a stark similarity between them. Crystals are formed by the orderly arrangements of atoms or ions while fractals are generated by repeating simple geometric shapes by obeying certain set of rules. Both formations involve repetitions of identical singular units. It then evolved to become visualizing crystal structure using generated fractal images. By analyzing the chemical bonding in crystals and applying a set of mathematical equations and rules to my research, the fractal image is generated by computer through coding.

By drawing inspiration from four different crystal structures, four difference pieces are generated.


1. Wavellite


2. Crocoite


3. Diamond


4. Autunite



Crystal was a series of work created during my senior thesis research. It was exhibited during the final presentation.



In the process of senior thesis research, I stumbled upon something wonderful. By combining mathematics and design, I was able to interpret crystal formation by using analytical strategies. This has always been what I have been searching for; to present reality from a subjective standpoint and it now serves as the foundation for my current practice.