My Role

I partnered with project manager and 2 other designers to plan and implement user research activities, carry out UX/UI design, build prototypes, test and  iterate designs.


Improve Overall Customer Experience and Focus on Developing New Features

JusTalk mobile application started with a B2B approach and it was a more feature-oriented product. In 2015, I had the wonderful opportunity to start working on redesign of it. The primary challenge of this redesign is to improve the overall product experience for JusTalk customers and at the same time focus on coming out new features to attract more customers. 


The redesign of JusTalk app focused on improving overall user flow and making customers feel more emotional attachment to the application overall instead of the initial "cold/industrial" feeling. Also the big feature it included is the group call function.


The process took about 2 months and we took overall 5 steps to arrive at final deliverables. However, the project does not just stop here. After the new version of app is released, we monitored different feedbacks to iterate our designs overtime to optimize user experience.


1. App Store Reviews

We started our initial investigations with the app store reviews since it was the most direct way of getting an overall standing of what are the current advantage and shortcomings. Below are the main insights for the app store review:

1. Overall video call quality is great but some of the user flows are confusing for people.

2. They really love the advantage of cross-platform so that people on iOS and Android can connect to each other without any problems.

3. People love the fact that any phone contacts are automatically added but they are not sure what's a good time to call the other party as it does not show their status (eg. if they are online, they are busy etc).

4. A large proportion of the current customers expressed their wish for group call function to be added.

5. Small details lack attention especially in terms of how they can invite friends, when call quality is not good and also if there's interruptions during the calls.

Based on this initial feedback and gathered details, we crafted a user journey map for JusTalk's current experience at that time to get a better understanding of the pain points.

2. User Interviews and Surveys

After we gained some basic understanding of the JusTalk app's current strength and weekness, we wanted to do a more focused research on what really need to be improved and also validate our initial findings from the app store reviews.

1. The main customer population is the people who are in the college or within 2 years of graduation where they are trying to meet more people and expand their network. With this population, their network is not linear and they usually like to hang out as a group. Therefore, we are much more assured of the necessity of group call.

2. The second largest customer group is the family calls, this include parents who are keeping an eye on their children, grandparents connecting to their children and grandchildren as well as between husbands and wives. This group of people have very different needs with user focus from the first glance, however, we found out the commonality within the group that they all wish for simple UI and reliable network.

3. Saving data is another main issue customers consider as they spend a lot of time making very short calls but may not be at locations where WIFI is available.


1. Brainstorm and Ideation

Initially I started with different ideas and concepts that could be added to JusTalk application. Especially the group call function. How can we integrate the group call function seemlessly into the current flow? I asked my self. Also, it is very important to tear apart and regroup some of the features.

2. Wireframe and Prototype

 With these sketches, wireframes are produced to create initial prototypes to test our research findings and if the designs are matching customer needs. Test participants are given interactive prototypes to interact with and therefore much easier for them to point out what they like and don't like.


1. User Testing and Refining User Flow

After interactive prototype is produced, to verify our design concept and user flow validity, we conducted usability testing with ten users in total, made four major rounds of  iterations and improved upon each iteration.


Create Consistent Experience Across Platforms

Since we were designing for different phones, touchpads and also mobiles devices on the market. They all have very different dimensions and screen resolutions. One of the big challenges we faced was to make sure our visual design looked good on all devices. We made sure our design follow a proportional grid so that it's scalable to different resolutions.